A Nostalgic Journey Through My Early Days of Hacking and Gaming

A Nostalgic Journey Through My Early Days of Hacking and Gaming

Today has been an eventful day to say the least. It’s currently only 9:34AM and I’ve already installed:

  • Homebrew
  • Git
  • Xcode
  • Python3
  • Pipenv
  • Pycharm

Figuring out how to run lines of code in terminal was a breeze. Getting Homebrew to install took a couple goes but we got there in the end. I’m still unsure of what Pipenv does but a YouTuber said he prefers it over Virtualenv and Conda so I just followed his lead.

Now.. funnily enough installing Xcode brought back some memories I almost completely forgot. So, back around maybe 2012–2013 I was an avid mobile gamer and one game I was obsessed with was actually Subway Surfers, now the reason I bring up Xcode is because I now remember using Xcode to hack into the game so I could unlock different boards, characters and score multipliers.

Now, if we are on the subject of hacking let me talk a bit more about some of my early “hacking” days. You see I was always that kid with a jailbroken phone. I’d figured out how to encrypt my phone so well that if anyone tried to breach my security a picture was taken from the front facing camera of their little conniving face.. hehe

One time when I was fourteen I was actually arrested (when I used to sneak into train tunnels) and had my phone seized. One of the police officers ended up calling my mother proclaiming ‘Your kid has locks on everything, we tried getting a specialist in but we still couldn’t get in.’ Long story short I ended up getting that phone back along with a dozen photos of some crusty old police officers.

Now, did anyone ever play Modern Warfare 2? Yeah, because I did and I was addicted. I was one of those trickshotter kids and was in a new clan every week. I had learnt how to download and use a cracked copy of photoshop from Pirate Bay and began designing logos for clans, this is also where I started diving into video editing. I also learnt how to install mod menus so I could get whatever prestige I wanted.

Ha, I also remember when I was first introduced to the Action Replay card for the Nintendo DS. I thought it was the coolest thing being able to hack my Pokemon game so I could walk through walls. I don’t think I actually ever owned a copy of my own action replay card but my Dad did get me an R4 chip that let me install any game I wanted for free AND it helped me catch Shaymin!

I think my Dad is actually the one who introduced me to the world of hacking and he didn’t even know it at the time — we just couldn’t afford to be buying all these new games.

My Dad was actually quite the pirate back in the day, the man would literally rip hundreds of copies of movies from Limewire and burn them to CDs. He pirated so many movies that he received a formal Anti-Piracy warning from some big media conglomerate which I won’t disclose.

I could easily go on about my early hacking days and maybe even some of the stories from the back end of my adolescence where I discovered the world of social engineering and how I would somehow get my hands on AAA passes to any and every music festival with a couple magic words and emails. But that’s enough for today’s post, my Mum is about to drop off some lemonade and cinnamon scrolls, I gtg.


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