How to get 8.5 MILLION impressions on your brand for FREE

How to get 8.5 MILLION impressions on your brand for FREE

How to get more impressions online

We all want more impressions on our brands but sometimes we don’t have the budget for huge ad spend campaigns. I myself am I soloprenuer that has been bootstrapping his entire operation on a shoestring budget, so when I learnt there were millions of free organic impressions out there simply by using GIFs on a platform called GIPHY, I was blown away.

For context, I recently heard Luca Netz bring up a particular content formula involving the creation of GIFs to skyrocket your brand impressions. He’s currently the CEO of Pudgy Penguins, a now well known brand born out of the NFT space back in 2021. I noticed Pudgy Penguins were completely crushing on GIPHY with 8.4B views on their library of GIFs, so I knew Luca was telling the truth.

Pudgy Penguins GIPHY views

Most people don’t know this but GIPHY is actually the second largest search engine in the world behind Google. GIPHY serves OVER 10.5 BILLION Gifs per day! The great thing about GIPHY is that they’re integrated on X, Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage and many more platforms. So think about that, GIPHY is probably the platform helping your Mother send those boomer gifs to her friends online.

Creating GIFs is a fantastic way to unconsciously make millions of people aware of your brand.

How do I create a gif?

Creating a GIF is easy, I personally draw them and animate them myself in ProCreate on my iPad but if your less artistically inclined you can just use a platform like Ezgif to convert your video clips into short GIFs at the click of the button. Check out one of my most popular GIFs below!

How do I make people use my GIFs?

People predominantly use GIFs in a reactionary manner. For example if someone wants so convey some kind of emotion like sadness, excitement, happiness, hunger or boredom.

For example, someone might type in to the GIF search engine “I’m hungry” or “My stomach hurts” to find a gif of a cute little character with its stomach rumbling. This is a huge consideration when creating #tags for your GIFs.

Think about what the phrases are people might be typing within the context of a text message. This will help you optimise your GIF SEO to ensure as many people find your GIFs as possible. I also use a free tool called Giflytics to help me monitor daily search trends. It’s a good practice to figure out how your brand can create GIFs for Halloween, Christmas, Easter or any other event or holiday that occurs every year.

This is how you will create evergreen content on the platform that will continue to perform forever. Also think about evergreen emotions you can create GIFs around that people experience everyday!

Think about how people feel when they're at work eagerly waiting to leave. What GIF are they sending to their coworker to convey that emotion? I don’t want to give away all the sauce, but this is plenty of information to get started creating your first GIFs for your brand.

Check out my entire of collection of GIFs here. I’ve managed to reach almost 10 million views within one month of being on the platform and I’m sure you can get similar results by consistently posting great content.

TEJI Giphy Stats

Make sure to apply for a brand channel

Make sure you apply here if you want to start creating branded content on GIPHY!

good luck!



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