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I Hitchhiked From LA to NYC

I really did it. I hitchhiked across the entirety of The United States with my friend Max. It originally began as an impromptu idea that came to me the last time I was in Los Angeles driving through the Palm Springs desert. I always wanted to go on an American roadtrip but the thought of paying for a car rental, gas and accomodation was all too much - especially for a 22 year old kid with not much to his name. So I thought why not follow in the footsteps of the infamous David Choe & Andrew Callaghan and embark on my own American Hitchhiking Adventure.

For the past eight weeks I've been releasing weekly episodes from the journey on my YouTube channel. Below is the final and my personal favourite episode from the series. 

 You can also find a link to a playlist containing all eight episodes here.

I hope that my trip and video series helps show people the world isn't as scary as the media often paints it to be. 

Go get out there.


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