I launched my first real NFT project, “The Tejiverse”

I launched my first real NFT project, “The Tejiverse”

We have liftoff!

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After many sleepless nights I did it, I’d finally launched my first official NFT project, The Tejiverse. The launch had went extremely smoothly, with the public mint selling out within the first three minutes of going live. 

Tejiverse Minting Page

But wait, why didn’t the project not instantly rocket to a 10 ETH floor?

Well anon.. it’s all a part of the plan and I’m actually stoked that we managed to pull off such a low-key launch. From the outset we knew we wanted to pursue an ‘anti-marketing’ marketing strategy specifically designed to deter speculators and invite genuine community interest. We declined all paid promotion and decided not to participate in corny engagement farming techniques that only build artificial hype. What we did, however, was provide a fair launch (inspired by the Treasure eco-system) accessible to newcomers entering the space — I even managed to onboard my own father who’s now become quite a cult icon in the discord server.

Tejiverse Discord Messages

Our practically stealth launch far exceeded my expectations, within hours of going live we were already generating community content — i.e 3D derivatives, GIFs and memes.

Community Generated Memes from The Tejiverse Discord Server

What are the plans for The Tejiverse moving forward?

Moving forward, ensuring the brand and community is built on strong foundations is very important to me and the direction we wish to take The Tejiverse over the next decade. Our decision to delay the announcements of the future plans and direction of The Tejiverse was strategic in nature, to allow for the brand to take small, incremental, and measurable steps moving forward. We believe that this strategy will sustain the longevity of the project by building from the ground up on genuine ethos that have laid the foundation for long-term sustainable growth.

In the short term vision for the brand we plan on structuring the inner workings and roles within the community. We’ve already had several members reach out and offer to moderate the server, while we’ve had other members offer themselves up as advisors and strategists. We plan on putting on weekly and monthly events such as weekly twitter spaces, monthly cartoon marathons, community music playlists and many more fun unannounced plans, to ensure the community remains engaged — while at the same time working on building The official Tejiverse lore. While we do encourage community participation we also understand the community needs some direction which is why I the founder will ensure we as a community stay on track and continually hit the goals we set to make sure our long term vision can come to fruition.

Feel free to checkout The Tejiverse collection here: https://opensea.io/collection/tejiverse


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