When was the last time you smiled at a stranger?

When was the last time you smiled at a stranger?

For the past month I’ve been travelling around Africa. You probably already know but I am clearly not African. I’m usually an outsider in these places I travel to which means I tend to stick out. I’m often met with weird looks from the locals. Especially when I’m walking around with a camera recording a vlog. That is until I decide to smile and wave back at whoever is staring at me. Nearly 90% of the time they will wave and smile back. 

Facial expressions are universal. You don’t need to speak the same language to give someone a smile.

The world is your mirror and whatever you put out there you will get back. If you’re walking around everyday with your headphones in closed off from the world - that is exactly what you will experience - a barrier between you and the world around you.

I used to wear my AirPods every day to shut myself off from the outside world. It would signal to everyone “please don’t talk to me, I’m busy listening to music and you’re not worth my time.” It wasn’t until I lost my AirPods multiple times where I just decided to start striking up a conversation with shopkeepers and strangers on the street. Not only will this help your communication skills but it will also make that persons day who you’re chatting with that little bit better. 

I know how I used to feel when I’d be working behind the bar late into the night bored out of my mind. Until someone would come in, smile at me and strike up a conversation. We could be talking about literally anything and it would make my night that much more enjoyable. 

I challenge whoever is reading this to consciously make a decision to smile at a stranger the next time you’re in public. It will make your day and the strangers day just that little bit better. Plus, it will signal to the world that you’re open to experiencing all the amazing things it has to offer. 

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