The Reason Why No One is Truely "Self Made"

The Reason Why No One is Truely "Self Made"

Today online you see hundreds of successful entrepreneurs claiming that they are self made. They say they did it on their own and had no help on their journey. They owe all the success to themselves. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The phone or device you’re reading this on was made through the collaboration of hundreds of minds and hands. From the design all the way to the final assembly of the device, hundreds if not thousands of people have become part of the process. 

If you take the iPhone - one of the most powerful and useful devices to ever exist on the planet. We can zoom out to see that even the materials come from somewhere. Without the miners who extracted the iron we wouldn’t have the stainless steal that encases your phone.   

The website and tools every entrepreneur uses to run their business has come from something else. 

You can apply this lens to any area of your life and you will be able to go back to the lineage of any idea, product or outcome. 

Every lesson you’ve learnt comes from someone or something. The books you’ve read, your parents, your teachers, your friends the list is endless. The world around us is our greatest teacher.

Sometimes we are afraid to lean on each other and ask or often accept help from others who are willing to lend a hand. 

This is comes from a place of pride. Our ego wants all the recognition for everything we achieve and to accept help means we’ve been defeated and aren’t sufficient enough to depend on ourselves. 

We shouldn't ever feel afraid to reach out for help in any area of our lives. We need each other. You’re important and you play a huge role in this world. If we didn't have each other, we’d have nothing. 

Self made -> We made 

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