What’s in my bag? - TEJI Edition

What’s in my bag? - TEJI Edition

Growing up I was always fascinated with those little what’s in my bag videos on YouTube. I thought it was so cool being able to see the items and objects that help make up peoples lives. There's just something so satisfying about knolling (s/o Tom Sachs for introducing me to the term)

Anyways, I’m headed to New York in a few days so what better time than now to write up my own little what’s in my bag post.

So here goes..


I’ve been using the same Patagonia 32L blackhole backpack on all my adventures over the past few years and its held up great! especially considering the amount of abuse I have put mine through, lol. If ever you see me IRL with the bag you will probably notice I’m normally hanging a Nalgene water-bottle from a carabiner because I get thirsty, like REALLY THIRSTY. Anyway the bag is A+, expect nothing less from Patagonia tbh, one of my favourite brands.


Fun fact about me — I hate shoes. You see, I’d prefer to wonder the earth bare foot but there are occasions when some protection is needed. Normally my shoe of choice is the all-black Birkenstock Eva (They tend to not stink like normal Birks because they’re actually made of plastic which means they can get wet.) Some days I even opt for the triple-black Croc, but as of now I’m rocking the Teva sandals — I’m still only about a week into breaking them in but they have held up well and just well may become my daily driver.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is one of the newer additions to my collection of essentials — I mostly just use it for Pro Create and YouTube. I’ve had iPads before but not until now have I actually began incorporating it into my design process and workflow — The Apple Pencil is undefeated. One benefit of taking a more digital approach to my process is the fact that I now don’t waste stacks of A4 pages sketching out the same logo 100 times.

Macbook Pro

My laptop is quite barebones as I really only use it for a few essential applications. Right now I predominately just use Ledger live to sign transactions and trade crypto — I also use it a-lot for writing and editing videos, but the keyboard sucks. I think I might pickup the new 14 inch model with the M1 chip solely because they brought back the OG keyboard and removed that shitty touch-bar.


For well over a decade now I’ve been an avid photographer and filmmaker. Over the years I’ve refined my gear and realised I hate bulky SLR setups — All my video work now is literally shot all on my iPhone and GoPro. I have come to care less about quality and more about accessibility. I’ve always believed the best camera is the one you have on you and if your discouraged to shoot because it’s a hassle to unload your kit — you probably need to rethink your setup.

My holy grail of cameras is the Contax T2 — I had always wanted one and managed to scoop mine up on eBay for quite a reasonable price back in 2017. The 2.8 lens on this camera is superb and it’s unlike anything I’ve shot on before — All the photos just seem to turn out magical. I have large archive of images taken on the camera I will probably begin to share with the world when the time is right.


I love to read and it’s become a huge part of my lifestyle. I’m always destroying my paperbacks — breaking in the spine, highlighting 90% of the book and scribbling in the margins, you get the jist. But not until 2021 was the Kindle introduced into my life — I had always been opposed going digital when it came to my reading habits because I always told my self there was no way a kindle could compete with my paperbacks. I was wrong — I realised I could download literally 90% of the books I’d been wanting to read for free from Gutenberg.org, This really was a game changer because it even opened the doors to self published PDFs that I previously steered clear from. I haven’t forgotten about my paperbacks though and still hop between both digital and physical depending on subject matter.


My moleskin contains all my secrets and all my ideas — I even have a 1 Ξ reward for anyone who finds and returns my notebook. I normally just use it jot down or sketch any ideas when it comes to the Tejiverse. I’d like to say more on this subject, but I’ve already said too much.


Some of the other items in my bag which are essential but don’t necessarily deserve a paragraph include:

  • Passport
  • Lacie 2tb Hardrive
  • Pens & Markers
  • Teji Stickers
  • Ledger Nano S
  • Tom Ford glasses
  • Portra 400
  • Yubikey
  • Wallet

And that covers just about everything — I hope this has given you some kind of peak into my world and has maybe inspired you to take a look at some of the items that help make up your world.


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