Yesterday I made one sale on

Yesterday I made one sale on

Yesterday morning I asked my mum to take a few photos of me on my iPhone wearing one of the latest TEJI t-shirt designs. It was quite the full circle moment as the first time I used a camera was when I used to take photos for my mum when she used to resell vintage clothes on eBay, so it felt quite special having her now take photos of me in the clothes I’m trying to sell now.

After our DIY 15 minute photoshoot in my mum's backyard I had a couple photos I thought were okay enough to share the shirt on Twitter with and hopefully bring in a few sales. I posted the shirt and told people it was a limited edition drop that was only going to be live for the next 24 hours.

TEJI Wearing Throwie T-Shirt

Within 24 hours, I had made one sale. I was going to pretend the shirt was sold out by just deactivating the shirt from my store, you know to create some of that scarcity the YouTube videos tell you your brand needs in order for it to be worth something, lol.

TEJI T-Shirt

Prior to now all my clothing drops have been digital releases on the blockchain. At this point I’ve only sold seven units of one TEJI product, that being the STARSTRUCK PUFFER. However, this was the first actual sale made under the TEJI brand on an e-commerce site.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from this small release but I thought future me would appreciate documenting this minor failure. Seeing one sale was a rude awakening to the reality of the brand. While we’ve made minor progress in the NFT space there is still plenty of work to be done if I’m going to grow this brand into something that's able to penetrate the cultural zeitgeist.

It definitely hurt my ego seeing the one sale, since I’ve poured literally thousands of dollars into samples and releases half of which have never even released. However, one is still greater than none and I still have immense faith in what I’m doing and will continue to keep creating. This post marks technically the first ever sale of an item on I hope to be able to link this blog post to a future article one day when I laugh with myself about the times we’d make one sale in a day.

TEJI Shopify Sales

Huge shoutout and massive thank you to Carson for being one of my biggest supporters and advocates for the brand. It means more than you know.


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